We have designed and manufactured machines to help with the harvest of fruits and vegetables for 25 years, applying new technologies in recent years to redesign all of our products to make them safer and more profitable, improving quality and performance in the fruit and vegetable sectors.

Fruit harvesting

We have added the “Evolution” model, which transports fruits individually to the crate without damaging them. Likewise, as they are never touched, the pace of the work has increased while achieving a level of quality that is the same as hand-picked fruit (which is also crated by hand) at a 50% greater performance rate. What’s more, with its new ergonomics, it allows for the anti-stone nets to be put in place without the need for any type of coupling.


We have also expanded models (those that are platforms without arms) ranging from the simplest design to one that allows the crate or bin to be lifted and turned for the fruits to be placed inside more easily, thus improving quality and performance.



In addition to the traditional models with conveyor belts, an aerial system has been added to allow for each fruit or bunch of fruits to be handled individually, depending on the case, with the ability to include in-field sorting. This significantly reduces harvesting costs, as up to 5 sorts can be undertaken and production statistics and other information can be downloaded to your mobile device.


Likewise, we would also like to mention that we are finishing up an addition to our facilities aiming to speed up the production of machinery and increase productivity as much as possible. This increase, in turn, will help us to reduce the sales price of the machines.